What Causes Boils?

by jake on August 10, 2011

Many people do not have an answer to the question, what causes boils? Many basically think that it is an infection but they do not take the time to analyze the true causes of the condition. There are certain questions that are also puzzling such as why there are some boils that tend to affect others more often.

Once the hair follicles get inflamed the formation of the boils is then triggered. Pus and dead kind of tissues will accumulate at the center of the blood. The puss caused by the white blood cells that would be working to fight of the infection. The body will then make its defense mechanism active and then send out the leucocytes to fight the infection. The white blood cells will then cause an accumulation in the area with a combination of bacteria and also proteins that end up forming the pus.  Carbuncles takes place when the formation of the boils is in groups. The formation of the abscesses takes place once there is a lot of accumulation of the pus within the cavity.

It is a know fact that the boil is caused by some infection. The question remains, what causes the infection? The infection is mainly caused when the immune system is weak due to certain kind of ailments such as diabetes, HIV/AIDs and the like. Lack of good hygience ca also causes boils. The food that is consumed also plays a big role in keeping the boils at bay. Greasy and junk foods have also been known to contribute to the formation of the boils in the body.

In some cases the boils will fade away independently while in other situations one must have seek medical attention.  Boils often display certain kind of symptoms which are described as follows; fever, discomfort, additional boils, tiredness and even swollen lymph nodes.

There are certain kinds of treatment options that are available to cure of the boils. The variety is wide with antibiotics being at the top of the list. Certain home remedies have also been used. Basil juice and turmeric powder have been know to work a lot of wonders in the fits stages. You can also blend up a paste of cumin acids with water that has been well known to reduce the effects of the inflammation.

What causes boils? Is a question that many ask but few have the answers which are not very difficult to comprehend.


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