Lancing Boils

by jake on October 28, 2011

Lancing boils could sound new to many. This is a medical process that is utilized with antibiotics to treat boils. The fact is that using antibiotics only will not totally cure the boil.  The boils can be described as a soft lump on the surface of the skin. It is painful and will develop puss as it matures.. The puss consists of the white blood cells and dead tissues.  The formation of the boil is triggered by an infection that occurs around the hair follicle on the sweaty kind of skin and the places on the body that are exposed to high friction. This is why they are more evident on the neck, buttock and the armpit.

The boils are also referred to as the furuncles. There are certain cases where you will have more than one boil appearing in a persons body. This leads to the formation of the clusters that are commonly refereed to as the carbuncles.

Boil lancing can be avoided because of the following reasons.

  • Lancing the boils can easily spread the infection to other areas of the body. This is especially the case if it is not done properly.
  • Lancing boils is a very painful process and many people cannot easily bear it.
  • Lancing boils is also known to leave permanent scars on the body.


The above mentioned reasons make it rather important for people to look for other options of getting rid of boils. The alternative forms of treatment may not necessarily provide a permanent cure for the condition and thus the chances of the boil reoccurring are also very high.  Natural remedies are available which can be used in the place of lancing boils. The procedures may produce some pain but the severity cannot be compared to that of lancing boils.


For those who suffer from boils quite often, a long term solution needs to be sort. Seeking your doctor’s advice will be very helpful as you strive to look for the most effective form of treatment. With the natural methods, consistency and patience will be required in order to notice positive results. The side effects are much less and it is obvious that there is nobody who is eager to take antibiotics very often. Abuse of the antibiotics may cause your body to become resistant.  Lancing boils is an option for those who can actually handle the pain.


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