Cures For Boils

by jake on May 8, 2012

Boils are skin conditions that come as a result of presence of bacteria in the hair follicles of our bodies. According to some people, it may also be caused by bacteria in the intestinal area due to damage on the skin. Although they may not be necessarily serious, boils that keep recurring or one that stays longer than one week should force you to visit a doctor for immediate attention. However, there are enough natural cures for boils that can be used even if you do not visit the doctor. This article gives a few examples of natural cures for boils.


To begin with, tea tree oil has been used as a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria. It is one of the best options to deal with boils. To use it, undiluted drops should be applied to the boil directly in the night and also in the morning before getting into daily activities. Despite that many people used to think that squeezing boils can be a good way to deal with them, it can lead to unwanted scarring. With this oil, your patience is necessary to see solution.


Lemon juice is another natural solution to boils. This is done by simply squeezing it in small container then applying on the boil directly. This should be done daily until positive result is witnessed. Apart from healing the boil, lemon juice has enough nutrition that can help to protect the body and thus help it to heal naturally. In fact, it can also be used to help in prevention by mixing lemon juice with water and cleaning your face and the underarms with it each day.


Calendula is also a good remedy for curing boils. The cream containing calendula can be found in the stores for local health centers. It is recommended that the cream be applied every morning and night until the solution is witnessed. Without interfering with the boil, it will automatically clear on its own after the calendula cream is used accordingly.


Some people also recommend the use of heat on a boil. Although this may not be safe, it is said that heat will help to release stagnating bloods which is assumed to be the cause of pain in the boil. Once the heat is applied and the coated blood moves, fresh blood will come near the affected area to activate the healing process.


All these natural methods can only work well if persistence and commitment to medication is ensured. The patient must therefore make it upon themselves to be committed to medication. This is the only way to ensure consistent and thus the healing will be easily realized.


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