Armpit Boils

by jake on March 10, 2012

When hair follicles under the arm are infected with bacteria causing boils, it is very likely that you may experience a very difficult moment with boils in your armpits. Boils are normally caused by bacteria and simple treatment by antibiotics would solve the problem. Boils especially under the arm are very painful. This is so because the folds of the skin rub against each other making the boil sore and painful. Another reason is the sweat. A boil would normally give a clear fluid known as pus. Once the pus has come out and the sweat from the hair follicles comes into contact with the boil, one may experience discomfort and a lot of pain. Boils appear as red swollen, lumps and there can be several of them under the armpit.

Boils not only affects the armpits but can also affect any other part of the body. Though it is clear that the main cause of boils is bacteria, there are also other causes that may facilitate the occurrence of a boil. These other factors basically help to provide a conducive environment for the boil causing bacteria to thrive. One major factor is hygiene. The armpit area is normally very sweaty. There is a concentration of hair follicles which excrete sweat thus making the area have a lot of sweat. This sweat when not cleaned up properly leads to build up of dirt. The dirt built under the armpit is a good place for bacteria to thrive. Under these conditions it is very likely that the person might develop boils under the armpit. It is therefore of great importance that one washes the armpits thoroughly with water and soap to ensure that you avoid this stressful condition.

Another factor that might cause someone to have boils is excessive underarm shaving. This is rampant mostly in women. In the quest to maintain a clean armpit most people unfortunately overdo it by excessively shaving the armpit. Once you have shaved the armpits more that enough, hair might start growing inside the skin. When this happens, a lump is formed which may eventually develop pus forming a boil.

Another cause of boils under the armpit is a very notorious bacterium known as the Staph bacteria. This bacterium lives on the skin of a human body and will enter into your body through any open sore. Once in the body, it multiplies and causes boils under the armpits or anywhere else.



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